Parent Toddler: Ages 6 – 14 months

Tuesdays & Thursdays
10:30 am – 12:00 pm

The first three years of life are the most fundamental in a human’s development and their potential. An infant’s physical development progresses the most during this time, more than any other point in their life. In fact, 80% of a child’s brain is formed by age 3. Hence, the Parent Toddler sessions are designed to support parents in their important role as their child’s first teacher.

During our Parent Toddler sessions,  parents gain valuable insight regarding their child’s development through their interactions and observations. The sessions serve as a forum for parents to share and exchange information with each other, while also featuring a brief overview and discussion of a topic pertaining to infant and toddler development.

Our purpose-built early years campus has over 20 learning environments that provide a dynamic range of activities to help stimulate your child’s senses and unleash their innate curiosity while providing unique opportunities for holistic development – social, emotional, physical, cognitive, language and creative. 

Additionally, we understand that a smooth transition from home to school is crucial, and in response to this, we make sure that your child has a safe and hygienic learning environment for your child to explore and engage with warm and vibrant facilitators with whom they can develop secure relationships. Our Parent Toddler facilitators are also our Pre-Toddler & Toddler teachers which support in a smoother settling and transition to preschool for the child, without his or her parent. 

In addition to the information above, the Parent Toddler program also provides strong benefits of:

  • Establishing healthy routines and discipline 
  • A new environment to learn, away from home, for the child to understand what the time is planned for, without other possible distractions 
  • Forming an emotional bond with teachers and strengthening one with parents – a crucial foundation for learning and life long happiness
  • Opportunities to meet other parents going through the same life phase to share experiences and be part of a supportive group 
  • Support with growth, developing and achieving important milestones for your child
  • Opportunities to begin to develop life attributes, skills & values, such as curiosity, sharing, independence and listening skills
  • Being exposed to a language rich environment – important for speech development and comprehension skills
  • Becoming familiar and comfortable in the school environment
  • Access to specially curated materials and resources to enhance learning
  • Being a part of the school community and joining school programs and events with your child 
  • Enabling an overall smooth transition into the Pre-toddler or Toddler program, our next phase in school readiness, reducing the stress for both the child and parents

We are always excited to partake in this journey with parents to ensure that each child thrives. To understand more, we welcome parents to register for a trial Parent Toddler class.