Raquel & Daniel Berridi

“We chose Kai for our daughter Maria for its academic approach, combining Montessori methods with IB. Seeing how Maria is improving her skills while she enjoys the school time proves we took the right decision. During these difficult Covid times we felt that the online school system, supported with a great amount of material we have received from the school, has allowed Maria to keep very well engaged with her learning process. She is happy at Kai and proud to be a member of the Kai family!”

- Raquel & Daniel Berridi
Divya & Ravi

“With world class infrastructure, innovative & educative campus, IB syllabus, six dedicated professional and caring teachers, classmates of different nations to play with all day through, extracurricular activities, and above all the nutritious & delicious meal plans served with love four times a day.... all for a little 4-5-year student! In simple words. It’s a dream start!!! Our little daughter Ritisha's acquired skills in language, math, music, dance, sports, taekwondo & yoga; the confidence; the joy of schooling are all a great reflection to the magical 1st year of her schooling. It was a wonderful year for us too. Thankyou Kai for everything!”

- Divya & Ravi
Alka Sinha

“It has been an enriching and fulfilling experience for Avyan at Kai. He thoroughly enjoys and loves being at school with his loving teachers and compassionate friends. Lots of open spaces, world class academics, experienced and loving teachers, child led education, compassionate support staff, no school can offer all of it but Kai. It has been an uber satisfying year for us and we are looking forward to many more.”

- Alka Sinha
Jazmin Gonzalez

“Our experience at Kai has been great! We just have words of gratitude for all directors, teachers, and staff. Santiago has had great moments here, he has grown up learning, playing, making friends, taking care of others but the most important thing is that he is very happy. We like the way Kai has built a community among all the Kai families and how has faced all unexpected challenges. We are satisfied with both methods Montessori and IB, they are a good complement. At Kai we feel in a warm and familiar environment.  Its infrastructure definitely makes the best place to play and learn.  We are happy being part of the Kai community.”

- Jazmin Gonzalez
Arihant Bapna

“I still remember the time when we had come to the launch presentation & new Campus Overview at LEY. For beginners it felt so alien as compared to the quaint home feel that was synonymous with LEY. A Couple of months after that when we had a walk-through of the under-construction Kai Campus, it felt like a MARVEL was coming to Life. Finally, when the transition happened & the children entered the new arena, I could see that smile was there on all the faces around me. Be it the tree plantation day or the day of the cultural show at amphi-theatre or the Sports Day Competition, where-in even Parents participated or be it the pumpkin carving for Halloweens – thinking about all of them moist my eyes now. So much has happened in the past 12 months, especially in the past 4 months, where-in the entire world has changed. Our way of lives has changed. It feels like a reboot has already happened & we all are living a new life. But the learning hasn’t stopped. We now have zoom’d ahead & have now invented a new mode of learning: Co-Learning. The phonic sound developed by Maria became a rhyme for not just kids, but for us as a parent too. A new routine of classes in the morning & worksheets in the evening – is something that these children now look forward to. None of us know how & when the normal life will resume (if there ever will be one). But one thing is for sure, the Learning hasn’t stopped & the Learning won’t stop.”

- Arihant Bapna