Day Care

Kai Early Years offers a premium extended daycare service for children between the ages of 1-6 years. The program is managed by experienced and committed teachers who personalize the experience to meet each child’s emotional, social, and intellectual needs. 

Highlights of the daycare: 

  • Experienced & caring facilitators
  • Personalized attention with an Adult-child ratio of 1:5
  • Well-structured & enriching skill-based activities
  • Open during most vacations, with limited closures
  • Nutritionally-balanced, wholesome home-like meals
  • CCTV surveillance, lady care, and more
  • Safe, reliable, and dedicated transport service
  • Access to a 2-acre wonder space with indoor and outdoor learning centers

Benefits of the daycare: 

  • A safe and familiar place for children to stay for extended hours until 6 pm
  • Greater opportunities for peer interaction and social development
  • Additional opportunities to learn new skills and engage in activities that support their cognitive, emotional, and physical development

Experience the difference at Kai Daycare! Give your child the opportunity to develop social, emotional, and intellectual skills in a safe and nurturing environment.

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