We are family


At Kai, we come together each day to share our meals with one another. Children begin their morning with us by joining in for a healthy breakfast to help jump-start their day. In the mid-morning, children relish their fruit snack, which they can’t seem to get enough of. For lunch, we serve a wholesome, home-style meal. Children enrolled in the full day and extended day programme enjoy a delicious snack before boarding the bus to return home.

Our vegetarian menus are specially curated to ensure that the food we serve our children is healthy, nutritious, well-balanced and fresh. Our meals are generally designed around the season and festivities in the calendar, and include a combination of Indian and Continental cuisines. The food that is prepared is made to appeal to the sensibilities of a child, ensuring that it remains mild in spice and low in salt, sugar and oils. We keep an eye on each child and ensure that they all have eaten well, and remain mindful of dietary restrictions as well. Parents are updated each day on their child’s food consumption and eating habits.

Eating together in school has multiple benefits:
  1. Food brings people together. Children enjoy their meals alongside their friends and teachers. This creates a stronger bond and relationship with their peers and teachers.
  2. This enables a child to enjoy a similar experience to what is shared at home with family and loved ones over meal time, encouraging a child to have open conversations and feel more closely connected, and cared for
  3. Eating together encourages children to explore, experience and enjoy new foods and cuisines with their friends
  4. It helps children to establish a sense of routine and to develop healthy eating habits and manners
  5. Children are taught important skills and values that are connected to gardening, farming, sustainability, reducing and managing their waste
  6. It greatly reduces the stress on parents and provides them with the peace of mind at the start of their day. This facility offers our parents an invaluable opportunity to spend more quality time with their little ones in the morning before they send them to school.


At Kai, your child’s safety, well-being and comfort is paramount to us. It is for this very reason that we have deployed a fleet of air-conditioned buses that are operated by trained bus drivers and attended to by trained lady care to safely transport your child from home to school and back.

  1. Trained, courteous and caring staff (Bus Drivers & Lady Care)
  2. Transport App enabled with notifications and live updates
  3. Enabled with GPS and geo-fencing
  4. Fitted with speed governors to monitor speed and safety
  5. Command centre that monitors the progress of each bus
  6. 24 Seater, air-conditioned buses
  7. High-back seats with 3-point seat belts
  8. Provision for car seats to be fitted
  9. Fitted with cameras
  10. Large glass windows for clear visibility
  11. Music on-board

  1. Ride share makes the world a better place. By using the school bus service you would be doing your part to help reduce the number of vehicles on Bangalore’s already congested roads
  2. Your child would quickly develop a certain discipline and routine
  3. This allows parents the opportunity to save precious time and resources spent commuting to and from school
  4. This enables your child to become more confident and independent
  5. Riding the bus together encourages children to interact, communicate and bond with school mates, that could even be older or younger than they are