Awards & Recognition

“The wider the range of possibilities we offer children, the more intense will be their motivations and the richer their experiences” – Loris Malaguzzi

It is with this intent, that our team has strived hard to ensure that every aspect of the school is looked into and maintained to provide the best care, education, and environment for our children. We are pleased to receive these accolades on behalf of our community and are glad that our efforts have been validated and recognized.

We also thank our Kai families, partners, community & all our well-wishers for their belief in our vision.

Given Kai’s vision for early childhood education, it is noteworthy to mention that some of these awards were conferred under new categories that were specifically created to recognize the advanced benchmark that Kai has established to transform the early years.


Global Education Awards

The ScooNews Global Education Awards recognize outstanding contributions made by organizations involved in education through pioneering practices and the use of innovation and technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.


We were honored to receive the esteemed Jury Choice Awards in two significant categories:
# Innovative Pedagogy
# Preschool with the Best Infrastructure


We have received awards in the following categories:
# Best Standalone Preschool of the Year
# Innovation in Child’s Development

The jury unanimously agreed that Kai Early Years has a profound impact on the way education is delivered today. They also concurred that we are transforming the early years along with our innovative pedagogy and practices to ensure that our students are future-ready.

Working together and seeing such wonderful outcomes is exceptionally wonderful and makes each one of us proud of what we do. We would like to thank our teachers, staff, parents, and partners for striving together to make a difference in the early years.


Education World

The annual Education World India School Ranking (EWISR) is among the largest and most in-depth school ratings and rankings surveys based on interviews with knowledgeable stakeholders in the field of education.


Kai has been ranked at a national level for being the:
#1 in India for Innovative Pedagogy
#2 Pro­prietary Pre-School in Bangalore


Kai was awarded as the No.1 Proprietary school in India.

2020 – 2021

Kai has been ranked at the national level for being the:
#1 ‘Future-Ready Preschool’ in India
#1 in ‘Campus Design Excellence’ in India

2019 – 2020

We were ranked at the national level for being the:
#1 in India for Innovative Pedagogy
#1 in Campus Design Excellence in India

Kai Early Years has retained its overall standing in the provision of high-quality international education, since the inception of our school. We extend our appreciation to each of our families and most importantly share our gratitude for our entire team of teachers, staff, and support staff members for their unwavering commitment, empathy, and care.


Education Today

Every Year, at the National Conference & India School Merit Awards, Education Today rewards Excellence in Education across the K 12 sector in India.

2022 – 2023

Within the category of ‘India’s Top 5 Montessori Schools’, Kai Early Years is ranked
#1 in Bengaluru
#1 in India
#1 in Karnataka

2021 – 2022

Kai was ranked in two categories at the National Level:
#1 Certificate of Achievement in the ‘Innovative Pedagogy in Early Years of Education’ category
#1 Certificate of Achievement for ‘Outstanding Contribution in Early Years of Education

2020 – 2021

Kai was awarded the ‘Best Standalone Preschool of the Year’ award for exemplary contributions to the field of education.

2019 – 2020

Kai was recognized and awarded the ‘Most Innovative Campus Design & Curriculum’ & ‘Emerging Benchmark Preschool of the Year’ in India.

We would like to thank our teachers, staff, parents, and partners for striving together to make a difference in the early years. We also thank Education Today for this prestigious award.


Kyoorius Design Awards


For our Kai branding and the environmental design of our campus, our design partners TSK Design were awarded the Blue Elephant at the Kyoorius Design Awards 2019 under the category ‘Integrated Brand Identity’.

Kyoorius Design Yatra is India’s foremost annual conference on design and innovation, which honours and celebrates the most outstanding and innovative work in design and visual communication.


School Members’ Achievements & Recognition

Mrs. Priti Sait, our Co-Founder continued her legacy by earning the distinguished ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ at the ‘Scoo News Global Education Awards.’ This recognition underscores her continued dedication and outstanding contributions to the field of education.

Mrs. Priti Sait, our Co-Founder has been recently conferred with the prestigious ‘Lifetime Achievement Award 2022’ by the India School Merit Awards, hosted by Education Today. She was awarded for her exemplary contribution to the field of education particularly early childhood education and Montessori over the last 38 years.

Mr. Saad Sait, our Co-Founder & Executive Director has been recognized as ‘The Education Icon of the Year 2018’ by Education Today. He was also nominated as one of the 25 Educational Visionaries of Indian Education.