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Finding the perfect education right from the early years plays the most important role in your child’s development. This period prepares young minds for the challenges and opportunities as they embark on a journey of learning and discovery

Studies also suggest that a quality education early on in a child’s life leads to continued growth in school, at work, and to be well-rounded, emotionally and socially. We at Kai Early Years provide a nurturing environment spread over 2-acres in Whitefield with innovative learning experiences to grow and thrive. As one of India’s first Preschools for Kindergarten and Montessori with international education, we believe in providing children with individualized learning and unique curriculums.

Our program of holistic, social and intellectual development has led us to be ranked as the best international pre-school in Whitefield by Education World and Education Today.

Our pre-school learning methods stand out among play schools in Whitefield with the combination of indoor and outdoor spaces that are equipped to fuel curiosity in every child. Our passionate educators instil a love for learning through a unique curriculum that draws from the best of two internationally acclaimed approaches. We whole-heartedly invite the participation of the community in the development of our young learners, ensuring our children get all they need to become empathetic individuals.

As we all know that a strong community plays a pivotal role in fostering the overall development of a child, Kai understands the need to surround children with care and affection, every step of the way to surpass all limitations. This gave birth to KaiCircle – a community centre dedicated to ease daily living, enable well-being and make parents happier, healthier, and more proactive along with various activities at our play school in Whitefield.

Quoting one of the KaiCircle members, Avyan’s Mother, said, “It has been an enriching and fulfilling experience for Avyan at Kai. He thoroughly enjoys and loves being at school with his loving teachers and compassionate friends. Lots of open spaces, world class academics, experienced and loving teachers, child led education, compassionate support staff, and parent-child interaction are key features, making Kai the best pre-school in the vicinity. It has been an uber satisfying year for us and we are looking forward to many more.”

Apart from being one of the foremost international schools in Bangalore, we have uniquely integrated community centres that cater to improving the well-being of families.

The dedicated team of highly skilled and nurturing teachers has made Kai Early Years rank as one of the best preschools in Whitefield with an IB curriculum. Our principles believe that international education offers every child with a strong foundation in the first 6 years of their developmental journey.

We foster the defining early years of a child’s life through an enriched international education that is a benchmark for learning programmes, globally. Our playschool in Whitefield consists of fluid spaces that are thoughtfully designed to not only enhance curiosity and interaction but also support teachers, families, caregivers, and the communities that scaffold them.

Kai’s pre-school, Montessori, play school activities and the International Baccalaureate-Primary Years Programme (IB-PYP) complement each other exceptionally well. We ensure independent learners develop skills for life through a personalised approach in a dynamic and flexible environment for play school children as well. We leverage the standards and practices of the IB-PYP to develop the academic, social and emotional well-being of our students by focusing on global perspectives, personal values and enabling a strong sense of self.

In order to be ahead of the curve, begin planning your child’s education journey with one of the best preschools in Whitefield, at Kai Early Years. Our curriculum enables children to challenge themselves and follow their innate desire to learn. It is important to ensure that Preschool children learn to develop independence, responsibility, and creativity as young learners.

Quoting another one of our KaiCircle members, Luke’s Mother, said, “He thoroughly enjoyed his Prek experience at Kai. As a parent I was very happy with the transition the school made during the pandemic with online classes. The teachers really put the best foot forward in making the virtual classrooms a safe space for children to grow and learn with all the activities, learning tools and projects. He gets a lot of encouragement from his teachers and friends to share his experiences and has started to enjoy all the show and tell class activities. Apart from that, Kai understands the importance of interaction between parents, teachers and kids with events like International Mother Language Day, Christmas Day, Holi, many more and how well it complements the whole curriculum. For me as a parent this school’s involvement in nurturing our kid’s future is what makes Kai the best international preschool in Whitefield. We are very optimistic of the current school year and are very delighted with what it has to offer!

We at Kai, believe that ‘Learning for life’ and ‘life-long learning’ are two sides to our wholesome culture. Being an international pre-school our culture of independence and respect empowers children to undertake purposeful everyday activities.

The Kai team has invested almost two years to carefully plan, design and build its campus to make it the best preschool for your child. We aim to be a leader in education and a champion of pre schooling that truly harnesses the raw potential of children in their formative early years.

Let your child transform at Kai as they embark on a captivating journey with insightful learning experiences!

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