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Michael Louis

“Our first week at Kai was wonderful, thanks to the state-of-the-art facilities and the warm hospitality of teachers and staff. But what’s even better is that with the focus on experiential learning, Kai helps its students to grow and learn to the best of their abilities. Luke felt at home from the get-go. In fact, he makes a fuss because he doesn’t want to leave at the end of his day. Keep it up, Kai!” – (Dad of Luke)

Ravi Bhargava

“Our 4-year-old daughter Ritisha’s eyes lit up when she saw her teachers and friends after her vacation, which really caught us by surprise! She looks forward to playing with her friends, running around the playground every day. When she tells me she had a good day even after 7 long hours at school, I feel reassured about the choice I made. The first week is usually crucial for children, and I just want to thank you all at Kai for making our little ones feel at home!” – (Dad of Ritisha)

Tanya Yela

“Nico and Sofia have had a great first week at Kai! They’ve been enjoying the wide range of activities on offer — making paper cup bags, threading straws and beads on pipe cleaners, and using magnifying glasses to explore leaves. However, the sandpit with the water play area, the sound garden, and the indoor slide are their favourites!” – (Mom of Nicolas & Sofia)

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